Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need an Insurance license to work at probity Financial?

Yes, you will need to have a current life insurance License.

Do I have to have sales experience?

Why sales experience is helpful, we train and educate you on sales techniques and products.

Can I get my insurance license through you?

We do not provide insurance licensing. There are several quality pre-license providers that we can recommend.

Will I be a captive or independent agent?

You will be 100% independent, we like to say you will work for yourself but not by yourself as we provide ample support to guide and mentor you to success. However, you will not have a boss or supervisor. You will make your own schedule according to what works best for you.

Where is your headquarters?

We are located in Norfolk, VA

What office do I report to?

As an independent agent, your office is your home or your personal office if you see fit to rent/lease a space. Most agents work from home as they usually visit the home of the client.

What states are you located in?

We are a National organization, we are licensed in every state except for New York.

Can I start part-time?

You can devote as much time as you see fit. You do not punch a time clock.

Are agents paid commission only?

Yes, this is commission only plus production bonuses. 

What can I expect my yearly earnings to be?

There are several variables that can determine this, the biggest being you and how much time you devote to producing. On average a first-year agent should expect to make between 50k to 60k. Several agents make quite a bit more than this and we also have agents who have made less.

Do sell you leads?

We do not sell or buy leads, there are plenty of lead companies that do this, we never want our agents to feel like we are pressuring them to buy something they would not otherwise buy. It is up to the agent to determine if they want to buy leads, We can recommend lead sources if they choose to go this route.